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Our vision

Result only comes with involvement. Unbranded  believes that fascination is preconditional for result. As fascination leads to the most emotional and strongest level of involvement.

Unbranded creates experiences from the essence of your message. Which enables you to fascinate your target audience and provide meaning, value and connection. In order to deliver the best results in the short and long term.

Team / contact

Jauko Hartveldt, CEO
Senad Brkic, CCO
David Veerbeek, CFO 

Antoine de Haas, account manager international
Peter Hoff, account manager
Lilian Kersbergen, props & styling
Simon van der Vegt, account & project manager

Timo Stevens, manager operations 
Jasper Koopman, team leader logistics
Sander Heijnen, planning 
New, purchase

Wesley Diks, interactive producer
Choukri Elmoudni, creative producer
Ron Hillegers, senior project manager
Miranda Koopman, project manager
Gert-Jan van der Wal, team leader stage sets

Harald Kassies, decor designer 
John Scheien, drafter (retired)

Gonneke van der Kolk, office management
Brenda de Kruijk, finance & hrm

Contact wood shop, metal, paintshop, decoration via planning


The history of unbranded goes back to the 50s of the last century when the first set designers went to work for the Dutch Television Foundation. In the late 80's the set designers department became independent and was named NOB Decor. Since 2005 it further expanded and became part of  UNITED. During all those years the company and its staff were regarded as unique for its combination of passion, craftsmanship and professionalism. The name HollandseHanden (Dutch Hands) was chosen in 2011 to point out those qualities. However what started as a passionate team of craftsmen for set design has become a major company that services a broad number of clients worldwide in various disciplines in experiences. With our new name unbranded we underline our open approach to new challenges and international ambitions.

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